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I live in south central Alabama, and garden on approximately 3 acres located in a rural area. I have two garden ponds, a 1000 gal, and a 3000 gal. My hobbies are, of course, gardening, photography, travel, "junking", and hiking. I’m always eager to learn about new and different plants that I might grow in my area. My very favorite flowers are "daylilies", imagine that! Like so many other folks these days, I don't think I know I am addicted to daylilies! I buy what appeals to me, regardless of the name or price. I also like to hybridise daylilies just to see what the results might be. I have begun to sell daylilies to help fund my addiction, and I have given lots of them to friends, family and fellow gardeners also. There are links at my website, to my daylily and gardening photos.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z8/sc AL

My favorite forum 1 is Daylily.

My favorite forum 2 is Alabama Gardening.

First registered on March 08, 2005 .