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My orchids grow under lights in an under-the-stairs closet. I tend to like smaller species and hybrids, mostly because of the limited space in said closet.

I am currently spending a lot of time outside, stripping out, cleaning up, and generally prettifying our completely trashed yard.

Sidenote: I do have animals that often 'help' me pack things. Many of the boxes, envelopes, paper, etc. that I send plants and seeds in will have been mightily exposed to them. If you're allergic to animals, please think twice before considering a trade.

Ancistrochilus thomsonianus

Asctm. miniatum (2 - one potted, one mounted)

Barkeria scandens

Bc. Maikai ’Pink’

Blc. Zul

Bulbo. falcatum

Bulbo. lasiochilum

Chondrorhyncha flabelliformis x Chond. amazonica

Cirr. mackoyanum

Cochleanthes marginata

Dend. anceps

Dend. Baby Blue

Dend. Dayne ’Cranberries’ x Petticoat ’Missy’ (2)

Dend. jonesii

Dend. Judi Camene ’Matador’ x Karanda ’Classic’

Dend. Lim Chong Min

Dend. lindleyi

Dend. Lorrie Mortimer

Dend. Madame Vipa

Dend. Kathryn Banks ’Red No. 1’ x Dend. kingianum ’Speckles’

Dend. White Lightning x (Tomie-JaqHawaii x White Lightning)

Dend. unicum

Dend. senile

Dend. Thongchai Gold (2)

Diaphananthe rutila

Dtps. (Sogo Pride ’Lemondrop’ x Phal. Misty Baby ’Leesburg’) (lots)

Eleanthus cyanocephalus

Epi. conopseum

Epi. porpax ’St. Nancy’

Epi. stamfordium ’Pink’

Epicat. El Hatillo ’Pinta’

Eria dasyphylla

Gramm. speciosum

Haraella odorata

Lc. Time-Life x Blc. Lisa Irene ’Melinda’

Masd. Dawn Glow

Masd. (coccinea x Hoosier Premier)

Panisea uniflora

Pescatoria dayana

Pescatoria wallissi

Phaius Dan Rosenberg ’Tropical Ice’

Phal. ((Eli Guerrero x Shirley’s Blush) ’Pink Cheeks’ v. equestris ’Olympia’s Peloric’) (3)

Phal Mini Mark ’Holm’

Pl. restrepiodes ’Dragonstone’

Pl. roezilli (2)

Restripia antennifera

Schoenorchis fragrans

Slc. Fire Lighter

Soph. cernua (3 - 2 mounts, 1 pot)

Stereochilus hirtus

Vanilla sp.

This list is updated infrequently.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Atlanta

My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Orchid Gallery.

First registered on October 25, 2003 .