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I am a Ph.D. (Wisconsin-Madison, Go Badgers!) organic chemist with a passion for golf and gardening. My grandfather got me interested in planting trees, shrubs, vegetables, etc. when I was a very young kid. I�ve been doing so ever since. I started Rose gardening in 2003 and it has become a very addictive hobby. I bought a new home in 2001 and have spent the last few years landscaping the place. I�m particularly fond of Black Gum trees and have planted several on my property along with many other species.

A list of trees that I�ve planted on my property:

2 Autumn Gold Gingko
2 Zelkova Serrata (Village Green)
2 Autumn Blaze maples
1 October Glory maple
1 Red Sunset maple
21 Green Giant arborvitae
4 Black Gum
1 Ruby Katsura
4 Whitespire birch clumps
4 Serbian spruce
3 Fat Albert blue spruce
1 Acer Griseum
1 Acer palmatum "Hogyoku"
1 Acer palmatum "Fireglow"
1 Acer palmatum "Suminigashi"
1 Acer palmatum "Orange Dream"

Acer shirasawanum "Autumn Moon"
1 Cherokee Brave dogwood
1 Cornus Kousa var chinesis "Big Apple"
1 Butterflies magnolia
1 Magnolia soulangiana "Alexandrina"
2 Fuji apple
2 Granny Smith Apple
1 Montmorency cherry
2 Asian pears
1 Prairiefire crabapple
1 Sassafras
2 London Planetrees (Exclamation)
1 Yoshino cherry
1 Weeping Higan Cherry
2 Kwanzan cherry
1 River birch
2 Eastern Redbuds
1 Vanderwolf pine
1 Apple serviceberry

Shrubs that I have planted

6 Hinocrimson azaleas
8 Tradition azaleas
4 Rosebud azaleas
1 Blue Baron rhododendron
3 Roseum Elegans rhododendrons
3 PJM rhododendrons
3 Trilby rhododendrons
1 Crete rhododendrons
2 Blue Prince hollies
3 Blue Princess hollies
3 Hopi crape myrtles
2 Red Rocket crape myrtles
1 Acoma crape myrtle
1 Pokomoke crape myrtle
1 Red Heart rose-of-sharon
1 Lucy rose-of-sharon
1 Blue Satin rose-of-sharon
1 Arnold's Promise witchhazel
1 Wedgewood Blue lilac
6 Nikko Blue hydrangeas
4 All Summers Beauty hydrangeas
2 Madame Emille Mouillere hydrangeas
2 Glowing Embers hydrangeas
3 Endless Summer hydrangea
1 Snowball Viburnum
2 Minnesota Snowflake mockoranges
3 Burning Bushes
2 Showoff Forsythia
1 Royal Purple smokebush
1 Purpleleaf sandcherry
40 Ibolium Privet

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6b MA

My favorite forum 1 is Trees.

My favorite forum 2 is New England Gardening.

First registered on November 06, 2003 .