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Starting as a small child I recall my dad tilling our large garden, probably a small field, and running around barefoot behind him tilling kicking my feet through the soil to turn up any rocks that would be in the way. As I got older I remember coming home from school to help plant carrots and eventually one day running the tiller all by myself.

As I got older I took an interest in flower gardening and took stake in a corner of the yard. I had a patch of corn back there for years and then started a flowerbed. I also began taking care of the lawn back there as well. Now I have begun caring for the majority of my parents yard.

I am rather anal about my grass being as green and perfect as can be but I also have a strong interest in vegetable and flower gardening.

I live in: United States

My Birthday is February 22 .

First registered on April 05, 2012 .