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I live in the N.W. corner of Pennsylvania, and have an extremely small piece of woodlands in my side yard. This all started about 15 years ago when they cleared most of the trees for a new subdivision. I originally wanted to have grass, but none grew there because trees were blocking out the sun.I thinned out some close together maple trees,and when I dug up their roots, I un-earthed many seeds of native plants and ferns.I now appreciate both the larger tree canopy and all the stuff growing on the ground, such as Ferns, Jack-in-pulpits,Trilliums,Solomon's seal and even moss growing on rocks and trees. Since then, I have added additional ferns,hostas,a stone pathway and Park bench.Its ten degrees cooler sitting there in the summer time. I have pictures of my tiny woodland and the plants that reside there ,if anyone wants to see them.In a Photobucket album.Please E-mail me to see them

I live in: United States

First registered on June 08, 2006 .