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I’m a crazy old lady who is becoming obsessive over Passiflora.

My past is assorted with other obsessions. Art, Horses, clay, water, fountains, College (about nine years in all, actually got a MFA and two teaching credentials out of it but never learned to spell, hence no teaching jobs although a couple of universities were interested), books, toasters (still have 20+), waffle irons (10), electric egg beaters (about 7 or 8),motercycles, books, art, a husband, a son, water, building a farm, books, goats, miniature horses, blue glass, books, water globs, writing, tires, water, fountains, writing, ponds, books, water, art. Now that my son is in the USAF and wandering the world it’s bells and eggs (not that I have given anything else up).

I share my house with a dog, 2 house rabbits, and 3 black cats. Outside there are 4 mini horses, the ruminate of my 25+ herd.

My interest in plants are tropical edibles, water plants or any thing weird looking.

On the down side I am a dyslexic ADD (thank God I’m not hipper) diabetic who has rheumatoid arthritis with a poor prognoses (2 knee replacements, my shoulder is next and yesterday I was told my elbows are soon to fallow).

On the upside I work as a substitute paraprofessional = teachers aid, for the county. Our special needs kids have taught me all I need to survive anything. They visited me on my hospital stays and encourage me on. The bravery they show me in their daily lives is a continuing inspiration.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9 CA

My favorite forum 1 is Passiflora.

First registered on October 24, 2004 .