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A quick assessment? Honorable, honest, sound mind with a modicum of useful intelligence, good humor and a fairly sharp wit, treat a lady like a lady, etc, etc, etc. Old fashioned in some ways, not so in others ...

You can add to that: Warm, caring, sensitive, compassionate (which I guess actually encompasses the other three), passionate, sensual (which of course comes with all the other stuff.) An incurable romantic ... hmmm, getting off track here ...

My interests: Alternative energy and medicine; the environment, green living and organics; outdoor stuff like biking and hiking, just plain long walks; indoor stuff like cooking (together, of course) and computers plus the usual music, reading, etc. Practitioner of the morning coffee ritual ... ’specially for two out on the porch watching the sun come up ...

By spring, I want to find just the right spot to settle in ... hopefully out west somewhere ... where I would like to find ten acres or so (more would be fine) that I can dedicate to Organic Farming ... growing lots of good stuff to eat for me, my friends and neighbors and the market! I won’t bore you by going into a more definitive description at this point, but I have spent all of this winter doing my research and studying and relearning and have a very ambitious plan of what I am going to do ... on a shoestring at first, but do none-the-less.

And there’s lots, lots more for later ... in the meantime, just remember: "Every day’s a good day, it’s just that some are better that others ..." - Me

I live in: United States

My zone is: 4 - Southern Vermont

My favorite forum 1 is Organic Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Four Season Vegetable Gardening.

First registered on February 25, 2006 .