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The wife and I are just starting our first garden in our long-awaited new home. Lots of space to fill on our 1/4 acre block and starting from scratch (and I mean scratch). The block is part of a mini development in the hills SE of Perth that was originally a sheep farm. Lots of rock hard clay underneath us but geewhizzz.....the earthworms come out to play if one build beds on the ground with compost. Gardening is really unleashing our creative spirit bound for so many years in rental properties. We are still young and love the wisdom shared in these forums. Our gift in return is to provide an aesthetically pleasing vista for all who pass.. No front brickwalls for us, only bougenvilleas with big teeth to hinder tresspassers. Just kidding! Cheers

I live in: United States

My zone is: WA Aust

My favorite forum 1 is Gardening in Oz.

First registered on July 07, 2005 .