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Hello Everyone, I'm an avid follower of postings here in Garden Web but did not register until recently (03.11) because I've always considered myself more of an "observer". Unfortunately, by being just an observer, you lose the knowledge and camaraderie gained by interaction.

I have been a hobbyist for about twenty three years (despite that I am allergic to almost every type of tree, grass, weed, and pollen) but consider myself a newbie willing to improve my understanding of gardening. Growing up in a tropical country allowed me to enjoy backyard and a bit of indoor container gardening.

When I moved to the Bay Area twelve years ago, I found myself horticulturally-challenged (if there is such a term? Hehe) because of weather conditions, space limitations, my inexperience, and indolence. A couple years passed, which made me realize how much I miss being around plants. So I started with one potted plant, which still survives to this day, gradually adding more potted little friends.

There are several GW forum topics that I absolutely love reading (and re-reading). However, the more I read about container gardening, the more I am interested in learning about what's best for the plant.

Thanks for taking the time to read my personal blurb and apologies for the lengthy entry. I look forward to continue learning from GW forums and possibly joining some of them.

I live in: United States

My zone is: NorCa9

My Birthday is October 20 .

My favorite forum 1 is Container Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Soil.

First registered on March 25, 2011 .