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I'm an Ohio gardener, and have been obsessed with this for 12 years. I have in the last two years gone completely organic. I am an Urban farmer, and quite frustrated with my lack of cultivatable land, but have used all available space as efficiently as I can. I grow everything!
I used to think I knew alot about it, but after perusing the forum site, I realize I have a lot to learn, but what a resource!
Ok, here's my funny story....The first year that I began gardening, I wanted real tomatoes, lots of juicy, red tomato-tastin', tomatoes. I built myself a raised bed, 35'by 8', filled it with rich black topsoil, and proceeded to plant 75, I repeat, 75 indeterminate tomato plants. I didn't know what indeterminate meant, but I soon found out. As you can imagine, I had tomatoes comin' outa' my ears. They vined all the way to the neighbors windows, like the killer tomatoes that ate New York. I had everyone in the neighborhood supplied with them, my 5Yr. old son sold them on the street corner, in lieu of a lemon-aid stand, I supplied my husband's Deli, and still had more than I could use. Over the years I have tried to be more moderate, but not always successfully. I seem to have a problem with that, heck, I'm even in treatment for it!
I hope to use this site to get information from real gardeners and utilize their wisdom and experience.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5b/6aColumbusO

My favorite forum 1 is organic.

My favorite forum 2 is cornucop.

First registered on July 22, 2001 .