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We moved to an area that our backyard is full of natural springs. So in other words it was impossible to walk on or through. My husband put in a massive drainage system because we not only have these natural springs, but we are on a pretty steep area so when it rains it is like a river flowing through our property and eroding our soil. Now believe this or not, my husband wanted a pond. But we could not afford $10,000.00 for a backhoe. He dug what started to be a pond and is now a lake by hand! Yes, that is what I said! And yes, it was done with a shovel and a wheel barrow and a great deal of perspiration! With the soil he removed he was able to level the ground, which in it's self is a miracle. We then began to plant grass seed and it came up so beautiful until the first really hot days. And then there was no grass. Because the grass they sell here is not appropriate for our area. Duh! I saw on the forum someone haveing Saint Augustine sod. I know it is probably all gone by now. But what a miracle it would be to have the sod and a yard with grass! I love your web site! I love Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) and Cashmere Bouquet amongst many other plants. In closing, my husband built a beautiful terraced area for me with four levels to help with the erosion and the massive amount of water that flows when it rains.

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