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First of all, my husband isn’t really a farmer. We bought our first house in May (2005) in New Mexico and planted our first garden right away. Since DH works full time and I don’t, I spent a lot of time in the garden - watering, weeding, reveling in... and I called myself "a farmers wife" with much pleasure.

I’ve always had houseplants, but I’m finally expanding my knowledge and experiences with new species, and actually remembering what they’re called!

The place had flowers and rose bushes out front when we got here, but I’ll be planting my first flowers and more roses in the following weeks, then hopefully the new garden shortly after.

I am so glad to have found these boards, and all the knowledgeable people here. Thanks much for you patience with all my newbie questions!

Update – we moved to Kansas in September 2007, so I’ve had to learn a new zone. I was happy to have to water less than in New Mexico, but the WEEDS!!! Holy Cow! My ability to care for my veggie garden comes and goes as I work more or less, depending, and this is not the place to be when the time I can spend in the garden is so inconsistent.

I had a major houseplant die off as we moved from NM to KS (my 3rd one), and only those plants that are not thirsty survived (philo, aloe, my Ficus and Christmas cactus). I’m finally started to collect again, because I received plants as gifts this summer. Unlike some folks who post here, I’m by no means an expert, and sometimes can’t remember things I used to know! (like the kinds of plants I used to have back when I was focused) So please pardon dumb and repetitive questions; my houseplant books are all still in storage, a year after we moved! I try to stick with low maintence plants, until they can talk; the plants I received are tricker and I’m trying to keep ’em alive. Some plants that are supposed to be easy die on my hands, like ivy.(9/2008)

Second update - in September 2009 we moved into Yellowstone National Park (my "farmer’s" new job). We hope to move further north into Montana in the spring.
I once again lost all my houseplants, this time donating them to friends near home just before we moved.
Not sure how to handle gardening this far north, so I’m once again very happy to have these boards!

Next update - in Montana now, "Pleasant Valley", and besides a short growing season, I have deer to contend with! We need a fence for the dog anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem, and the place we bought already has raised beds, yay!

I live in: United States

My zone is: zone 5 Montana

First registered on January 30, 2006 .