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Crawfordville, Florida

I currently have this in my garden:
12 Blueberry
(Tons of Wild Blueberry)
Several Tangerine Trees
1 Peach tree
1 Plum
1 Loquat tree
Many Ponderosa Lemmon trees
1 Olive
3 Bananna
7 Pinapples (No Maintaince!!)

1 Sasafrass

1 eucalyptus tree
Several Artichoke Plants
Many crowns of Asparagus
8 BlackBerrys
several grape vines (wild) also Concord, Niagra.

Many Pomegranate bushes.

1 Nectarine tree.

3 Turkey Fig trees.

1 Flatwood Plum tree.

Veggies & Herbs

Tons of Heirloom tomatoes,plum, big boy and sweet 100(cherry)

Cucumbers,Green Bush Beans

Radishes,Watermelon, Cantelope

Bell,Jalpeno,Tabasco Peppers

Potatoes, Onions

Rosemary,Oregano,Parsley,Thyme, Basil,Purple Basil
Elfin Thyme


I also have Hydrangeas (many rooted currently), Many Hickorys, and White Dogwoods)

Many Christmas Palms (Seedlings)

Several Date Palms

Magnolia Trees

I live in: United States

My zone is: z8b FL

My favorite forum 1 is Florida Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Edible Landscape.

First registered on April 07, 2004 .