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I am just beginning to get back into Gardenweb. Works been hectic the past few years.

I have many plants to offer but have not really fully inventoried my

garden since last summer.

Plants I can offer:

Adams Needle,

Fern leaf tansy, I have a tall and short variety

Jerusalem Artichokes,I eat these when I think of it but they
seem to be outpacing my apetitie

Tall Perennial sunflower with flowers like a black eyed susan (tall)

black eyed susan

brown eyed susan

Purple Salvia that the bees love(not sure how well this transplants)

Russian Irises (purple)

I have a wild geranium that the neighbor gave me.

Red, White Yarrow

Three different varieties of Easter lilies (red,yellow,white
but don’t keep separated so not sure which is which)

English Ivy

Reed grass ( 15’ bamboo)

Black Bamboo

another ground cover Bamboo 4" not sure of name,

Calycarpa (Beauty Berry)

Wisteria, I have five trees that really are persistent at Vining out


Verigated Vinca

Verigated Sedum

a few Agage pups from regular (Americana), Variagated (Marignata spelling?)
and a smaller one I thinks its Virginia

If you live near KC I would be interested in trading the Agave parents,
I am getting to old to move these inside every winter and they are big.

Several different types of ornamental grass saw, pampas, prairie.

I probably have more but can’t think of anything else at the monent.

What am I looking for....

Zone 5 Shrubs and trees. I know thats asking a lot so if its unusual, I will
figure out a way to compensate you.
I am not to interestd in Perenials this year. My
gardens are out of control and I really need to thin some of the invasives.

My favorite plants are

1. Witch Hazel,

2. Magnolias

3. Syringa (Lilac)

3. Forsythia

3. Any kind of flowering tree or shrub

4. fruit trees

I don’t really have a favorite flower. I like them all.
If I had to pick a favorite it would be something taller
and bushy like a Delphinium, Joe Pye weed or Peony.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 KS

My favorite forum 1 is Plant Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Seed Exchange.

First registered on November 07, 2002 .