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I love a variety of roses and tend to favor those that like the natural conditions in my garden--low water/rainfall, fast-draining soil, and little fertilizer. I do not spray my roses, nor amend the soil. Both the water and soil are alkaline. Most of my roses are own root but a number are grafted on multiflora. I also grow many California native plants, and I'm trying to create plant communities that live in harmony with each other and nature, and choose those plants that give food and shelter to wildlife. Some of my best performing and favorite roses are albas, gallicas, damasks, species, polyanthas, hybrid perpetuals, and ramblers, with the occasional floribunda and hybrid tea thrown into the mix (although I don't care for the usual growth habit of hybrid teas). Roses that do poorly for me include teas, chinas, and noisettes. They are very demanding of food and water and usually cover themselves in disease. I prefer a graceful plant, a variety of flower forms, and plenty of fragrance in either in flower or foliage.
Some favorite roses I grow are: Felicite Parmentier (alba), R. minutifolia 'Pure Bea', R. alabukensis, R. primula, R. Fedschenkoana, R. californica 'First Dawn', Wild Edric (Austin rugosa), Cassie/Snowbelt (polyantha), Polareis (rugosa), York and Lancaster (damask), R. foetida 'Persiana', Jenny Duval (gallica), Baronne Prevost (hybrid perpetual), The Gift (polyantha), Rose de Rescht (damask perpetual), Rene d'Anjou (moss), Madame William Paul (moss), Oklahoma (hybrid tea), Golden Border (floribunda), Europas Rosengarten (floribunda), Siwa (canina hybrid), William's Double Yellow (spinosissima), Stanwell Perpetual (spinosissima), Charles Metroz (polyantha) Portland from Glendora (found damask perpetual), Comtesse O'Gorman (hybrid perpetual), Light Pink Eglantine from SJHRG, Paul's Himalayan Musk (rambler), Mermaid (climber), Micrugosa alba (species cross), President Dutailly (hybrid perpetual), Omi Oswald (hybrid musk), Nymphe Tepla (hybrid setigera/multiflora), Kraskoje Kawaskole (gallica), Reine des Violettes (hybrid perpetual), Happy Child (Austin), Huntington Rose (Austin), Marchesa Boccella (hybrid perpetual), Mrs. Doreen Pike (Austin rugosa), Sequoia Gold (miniature), Polly Sunshine (polyantha), Anne Marie de Montravel (polyantha), Excellenz von Schubert (polyantha), Henry Nevard (hybrid perpetual), Pickering Four Seaons (damask perpetual), Benny Lopez (found damask perpetual), Grandmother's Hat (found hybrid perpetual), Grace de Monaco (hybrid tea), Climbing Crimson Glory (hybrid tea climber), Clotilde Soupert (polyantha), R. borissovae, R. omeiensis 'Pteracantha, R. spinosissma, Little White Pet (polyantha), Leonardo da Vinci (floribunda), R. cantabrigiensis, R. canina 'Laxa', R. pinetorum, R. xanthina, Scarlet Moss (miniatura), The Garland (rambler), Arctic Sunrise (miniature), Eurostar (floribunda), Baty's Pink Pillar (found climber), Climbing Ceclie Brunner (climbing polyantha), Paul Ricault (centifolia), Compactilla (spinosissima), and Eyeconic Pomegranate Lemonade (persica hybrid).

I live in: United States

My zone is: 9b, SoCal Inland, 1200' elev.

My favorite forum 1 is Antique Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Roses.

First registered on January 14, 2011 .