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I use to raise AV's over 30 years ago, but raising children and social activities were too demanding for the time needed to give to my AV's.
I now have started back again and am just getting a collection started. I would like to contribute but seems the info is more a taking venture than a giving one at this time.
I have about 50 plants and over 2000 new leaves down. Guess I have jumped into this head and feet first.. dang what a splash it is making!! LOL
I use to raise mine mostly in a greenhouse with some in the home for display. I have a small greenhouse with hopes of expanding this year.. mostly for all my other plants.
I have set up shelves with lights for the AV's, as all where in the windows.. not enough window space for future mature plants.
All my plants are wicked either individually or community trays, spaced so none are touching each other. Fertilize used: VF-11, Peter's, Fish Emulsion, and Superthrive. NO UREA in any of the fertilize. Plants are grown under lights.
My favorite AV's are anything with green or frills, fringed or heavy ruffles of almost all colors.
Hope to learn and of course ask lots of questions too..
I have only baby plantlets and starter plants at this time, as I am just getting back into AV's. Here is my list of plants that are growing FAST and I hope to have some leaves for Spring/Summer 2006 trade. Leaves of each plant listed below are down also. S = suckers forming

Alamo Halo - S
Alamo Stranger - S babies up
Apache Brave
Apache Primrose - babies up also
Arctic Frost
Bridal Lace
Bright Dancer - babies up
Buckeye Bouquet - babies up
Buckeye Everlasting
Candy Swirls
Cool Mint - S
Crown Jewels - chimera
Cupie Doll
Double Dip
Emerald Love - babies up
Genetic Blush
Green Ice - babies up
Green Lace - babies up
Green Machine
Guelph's Christmas babies up
Guelph's Dynamite babies up
Fredette's Sweet Jenny babies up
Festive Holiday babies up
Irish Angel
Irish Flirt - S - babies up
Lemon Drop - S
Lyon's Early Spring
Mint Condition - S Babies up also
My Sue - babies up
Natchurly Nawlins
Ness' Orange Pekoe - S Also Babies are up
Optimara EverGrace
Optimara Monet
Optimara Little Ottawa - babies up
Optimara West Virginia - babies up
Organdy Trinket - S - babies up
Ozio - S Babies up also
Pink Lady - S Also babies are up
Pink Mint - S
Pink Summit
Pretty Poison - S - babies up
Private Dancer
Red Ferrari
Rhapsodie Rebecca - S
Rob's Mad Cat - S
Rob's Perfect Peach - S - babies up
Rob's Ruff Stuff - S (2 removed and rooting)
Rodeo Banner
Rosie Ruffles - S - babies up
S. Rupicola - S
Silverglade Apples - small plantlet
Southern Delight - S
Thunder Surprise - S babies up
Victorian Elegance
Victorian Velvet
Wild Irish Rose - S

Leaves will be available in the spring .. I know that is quite awhile away, but got to let the little guys grow up some and need some warm weather to ship.

Now this is what I have down. It is long!! With more all the time. Hopefully I will have leaves from these ready for 2006 trade.. maybe a few babies too!! All leaves are rooted and top of leaves have been sectioned off and rooted also for more babies.

Aca's Eye Knees babies up
Aca's Marie
Aca's Wewonchu - babies up
Alamo Luster - babies up
Anice Prior babies up
Antonia - babies up
Apache Blanket babies up
Apache Bow babies up
Apache Excitement
Apache Primrose - babies up
Apache Ranger
Apache Sunburst - babies up
Apache Victory
B-Man's Allessio
Ballet Taffy
Beca's Green Touch
Becky - babies up
Bells of Ireland
Bertha - babies up
Best Friends - babies up
Blue Dragon babies up
Blue Silhouette
Blushing Bride - babies up
Bob Serbin babies up
Boogie Nights babies up
Boo Man
Bridal Lace - babies up
Bright Dancer - babies up
Buckeye Blushing babies up
Buckeye Bouquet - babies up
Buckeye Butterflies
Buckeye Camoflage
Buckeye Candy Kisses babies up
Buckeye Colossal - babies up
Buckeye Eureka - babies up
Buckeye Everlasting - babies up
Buckeye Everything's Rosey
Buckeye Fiesta babies up
Buckeye Irish Lace babies up
Buckeye Lavender Genstone - babies up
Buckeye Love Potion - babies up
Bud’s Irish Eyes babies up
Burnin' Love babies up
Cambridge Missy - babies up
Caribbean Blue
Chartreuse Wonder
Chinook Wind babies up
Cloud Puff
Cool Mint
Cool Lady
Coral Kiss - babies up
Country Cider babies up
Crowning Glory
Crushed Velvet
Cupid’s Kiss
Deadly Sting
Decelles’ Cosmos
Designer Jewels
Desir - babies up
Devil-May-Care babies up
Diamond Girl
Dumplin babies up
Edward's Delight - babies up
Emerald Love - babies up
Fanny Sue babies up
Fantasy Maker babies up
Favorite Child
Festive Holiday - babies up
Fredette's Daydream babies up
Fredette's Sweet Jenny babies up
Frosted Flames
Frosty Spring - babies up
Garden Party
Gemcraft Pink Pearl
Georgia Melon babies up
Ghost Dance
Glitterstar babies up
Golden Dawn
Granger's Wonderland
Green Dragon babies up
Green Eyes
Green Ice - babies up
Green Lace - babies up
Green Machine - babies up
Green Vista
Greensleeves - babies up
Guelph's Christmas - babies up
Guelph's Dynamite - babies up
Half Moon Bay
Heritage Frolic
Honey Puff
Ice Storm - babies up
Irish Angel - babies up
Irish Castles babies up
Irish Cream
Irish Delight - babies up
Irish Flirt - babies up
Irish Imp babies up
Irish Iridescence
Irish Kiss - babies up
Irish Laughter
Irish Maiden - babies up
Irish Mint
Irish Sprite babies up
Irish Sweeps - babies up
Irish Whisper babies up
Island Rose
Ivy Joy
Jazzy Jewel
Kermit babies up
Kid Stuff
Kris - babies up
Leprechaun’s Daydream
Lil Bit o' Irish - babies up
Looking Glass - babies up
Louisiana Lullaby - babies up
Love In Bloom - green one
Lyon's Cherry Vanilla - babies up
Lyon’s Early Spring
Lyon's Magic Charms - babies up
Lyon's Party Dress
Lyon’s Party Flirt
Lyon's Pirate's Treasure babies up
Ma's Blue Turtle - babies up
Ma's Bridal Bouquet babies up
Ma's Corsage - babies up
Ma's Easter Parade
Ma's Frogland babies up
Ma's Melody Girl
Ma’s Midland Fantasy babies up
Ma's Pillow Talk
Ma's Pink Flamingo - babies up
Ma's Red Rover - babies up
Ma's Second Thought - babies up
Ma's Soiree - babies up
Ma's Winter Moon
Magic Blue - babies up
Mandan Dandy
Mickey Mouse
Midget Snowdrops
Midnight Cloud - babies up
Midnight Frolic
Midnight Treasure - babies up
Minnie Mine - babies up
Mini Minx
Mint Condition - babies up
Misty Miss babies up
Montgomery's Silver Frost
Morning Thunder
Mystic Green
My Sue - babies up
Ness' Cherry Smoke
Ness' Crinkle Blue babies up
Ness' Fantasy Gold babies up
Ness' Grape Fizz babies up
Ness' Minnesota Splash babies up
Ness’ Satin Rose
Ness' Orange Pekoe - babies up
Nortex's Friendship Haven - babies up
Opera’s II Stranieri
Optimara Dali
Optimara EverBeautiful
Optimara Everglory
Optimara Evergrace
Optimara EverHarmony
Optimara EverJoy
Optimara EverLove
Optimara EverPraise
Optimara Ever-Rejoice
Optimara Little Chickasaw
Optimara Little Crow
Optimara Little Diamond
Optimara Little Moonstone - babies up
Optimara Little Ottawa - babies up
Orchard's Bumble Magnet
Pat Tracy babies up
Penny Lover
Peppermint Doll - babies up
Peppy Pink - babies up
Persian Doll
Petite Blarney
Picasso babies up
Pink Endive
Pink Lady - babies up
Pink Mint
Pink Summit
Planet Kid
Playful Rainbow babies up
Powwow - babies up
Prancing Pony
Precious Rose
Purple Passion babies up
Rainbow's Limelight
Ramblin Spots - babies up
Rapid Transit - babies up
Raspberry Crisp
Rebel's Rhubarb Frost
Rebel’s Splatter Kake - babies up
Reindeer Games
Rhapsodie Candy babies up
Rhapsodie Rebecca - babies up
Rob's Antique Rose babies up
Rob's Argyle Socks - babies up
Rob's Berry Shake
Rob’s Bo Peep
Rob’s Caterpillar
Rob's Cool Fruit
Rob’s Copper Cat
Rob’s Cotton Ball
Rob’s Crazy Daze
Rob's Heat Wave - babies up
Rob's Hummingbird babies up
Rob's Ice Ripples - babies up
Rob's Loose Goose - babies up
Rob’s Loose Noodle - babies up
Rob’s Ooh Lala
Rob's Outer Orbit - babies up
Rob’s Ruff Stuff
Rob's Scarecrow - babies up
Rob’s Seduction
Rob's Smarty Pants
Rob’s Sundae Scoop
Rob's Toorooka - babies up
Rob's Whoa Nellie
Rodeo Banner
Rosie Ruffles - babies up
Royal Child - babies up
Ruffles N Lace - babies up
San Mateo Blues
Sassy Sister - babies up
Satin Wine
Sequins 'N Ribbons
Sheer Romance
Silver Brocade
Silverglade Meadows
Silverglade Oysters
Silver Smoke
Skagit Tiny Limelite
Sky and Snow - babies up
Sky Diver
Smokey Moon
Snow Cherub
Snow Rose
Snuggles Angel
Snuggles Little Girl
Sparkle Pretty
Spearmint - babies up
Spring Kiss - babies up
Starry Night Blue
Southern Delight - babies up
Sugar Foot - babies up
Summer Carnival
Suncoast Slightly Coral babies up
Susie Sunshine - babies up
Sweet Amy Sue - babies up
Thunder Surprise - babies up
Ukrainian Winter babies up
Ultra Violet Dusk
Vespa Verde - babies up
Whiff O' Green - babies up
Whipped Topping
Whirlygig Star - babies up
Windy Days - babies up
Winnergreen - babies up
Winter Ice - babies up
Wrangler's Green Pastures
Wrangler’s Jealous Jewels
Wrangler's Ragtime Cowboy
Wrangler Spanish Cavalier
Yesterday's Love - babies up

WHEW!!! Dang I did not realize I had so many.. most of them are at least 2 - 4 leaves down of each variety and 2 - 10 sections, so I hope to have lots of plantlets/babies to trade. But it will be Spring/Summer of 2006. Leaves have been section so more babies will be produced. Depending on how many babies are produced, will depend on what I will have to trade or give. There will be some leaves and plants I can not trade or give. Some leaves or plants I have paid a lot of money and need to get back my money before I can give or trade them, i.e. Silverglade Apples, Bridal Lace, Deadly Sting, Frosted Flames, Island Rose, Mint Condition, Organdy Trinket, Pretty Poison, Purple Passion, Sashay, Victorian Elegance and Bishop to name a few. As soon as I can re-coop some of the money, I will be glad to give or trade these violets. There are so many others from the list that YOU can choose from.
I will be adding more leaves and plants, weather permitting to my list. If you see something that you would like to trade, email me with you want list. Minimium 10 leaves per shippment to save on shipping.
Hopefully one day I will create a want list for myself.. but right now I am new and do not want to abuse this forum.
I love the ones with green on the bloosoms.. but do love the fancy frills, fringe and ruffled ones of all colors. Would love some micro-minis plantlets too.

This list is getting too big to keep up.. you can get a taste of what I have and like.. if any of you would like a copy of my list, just email me.. I have an updated list at all times.

Thanks for reading,

I live in: United States

My zone is: PA 19064

My favorite forum 1 is African Violets.

First registered on August 25, 2005 .