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Bought a house in a Brand New Subdivision- No plants, no shrubs, no trees, only grass- and I HATE grass . As many of you know , when the basements/foundation is dug up, and since the top-soil is gone there's tons and tons of clay left , so it's been a trying experience to change the soil.
Lots of Horse manure, compost, leafs and more leafs
have been incorporated for Azaleas, Rhododendrons, other
perennials , slowly my grass is disappearing as new beds are
built right on top of the grass. I am a member in the Midwest chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, as well as Lake Michigan chapter of the Azalea Society of America.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 il

My favorite forum 1 is Midwest Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Shrubs.

First registered on February 19, 2002 .