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Man here. Live high in the Rocky Mountains, arid/alkaline soil/harsh growing conditions. Came here from Louisiana, many years ago--what a gardening shock.<p>I enjoy starting plants from seeds when it's 10 degrees outside and putting them out at the 1st of June, taking a chance that they won't get hit by a late freeze (which they often do).<p>My family is grown. My kids, who are now having kids, are learning that their parents weren't as bad as they thought--pay back time when they have their own children (ha); as bad as they thought. (<p>The sky is a beautiful blue here at nearly 4,900 ft. That's where my house sits in the valley, up beside a N/S mountain range--don't see the sun in winter until after 9:30 am. bummer!
I have 9,000 ft. high mtns. within 1/2 mile to the east,a 12,000 ft one, 5 miles to the north; another 12,000 ft one 30 miles to the south, 5 miles to the west is a 40 mile long lake, with more mtns on the other side. On the other side of them is the Great Salt Lake desert.<p>I am a musician, graduated in music from Brigham Young University. Am a singer, a counter-tenor--which is the highest male voice and pianist. I sing and play piano at professional lever.<p>I guess, family, church, singing, conducting, playing piano, music, gardening, reading, making all the friends I can, sharing, being the local give awayer of the many too many tomatoes that I start each year, and enjoying sunshine, fragrant flowers & gentle summer's breeze (but those are hard to come by in Utah) are things I like. But growing things here is so different if not impossible, from where i grew up: Louisiana. --I love the old Southern field (Crowder) pea. One year here, I finally had success: out of a 100' row, I got 1/4 cup of peas! That's pretty sad. But the best I ever had, even though I try them every year.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Utah z5-6

My Birthday is April 16 .

My favorite forum 1 is Growing from Seed.

My favorite forum 2 is Growing under Lights.

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