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I've long been a plant nut, but after the discovery of GW, have been afflicted with various plant related diseases. Having been bitten hard by the Clematis bug, the Rose bug and the Perennial bug, am branching out into shrubs and trees too.

I consider myself a novice gardner, since I've been doing this "seriously" for only the past 3 or 4 years. I currently have about 5 acres to play with, but am restricting myself to the acre of cleared area around the house. The rest is all trees, mixed in with various invasives, thugs and other nasties that I battle on a fairly routine basis. Thankfully, I have remained immune to Poison Oak and Poison Ivy, and am making slow progress in my attempts to destroy them.

As of last year, I had only 5 roses - Eden, Golden Celebration, Heritage, Graham Thomas and Tamora (5). For some inexplicable reason, that list seems to be growing at a pretty good clip.

2004 List

Just Joey
Martine Guillot
Pat Austin
Livin Easy
Heaven on Earth
Sharifa Asma
Cottage Rose
Golden Celebration
Gruss an Aachen
Reine des Violettes
Ambridge Rose
Yves Piaget
The Pilgrim
Marmalade Skies
Teasing Georgia
White Pet
William R. Smith
Rose du Rescht
Clementina Carbonieri

Wish List for 2005 (so far)


Marie Pavie
Marie Daly
Cecile Brunner
Clothilde Soupert
Mrs. R. M. Finch
La Marne
Caldwell Pink


Archduke Charles
Beauty of Rosemawr
Comtesse du Cayla
Cramoisi Superieur
Emmie Gray
Le Vesuve
Louis Philippe
Mme. Laurette Messimy
Old Blush
Pam's Pink
White Pearl in Red Dragon's Mouth


Lady Hillingdon
Baronne Henriette de Snoy
Marie van Houtte
Duchesse de Brabant
Mme Antoine Mari
Mme Lombard
Mrs. B.R. Cant
Miss Atwood
Francis Dubrieul
Monsieur Tillier
Souv. de Therse Lovet
Rosette Delizy


Yolande d'Aragon
Jude the Obscure
Abraham Darby
Irish Hope

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7 noVA

First registered on September 30, 2002 .