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Born, raised, and still living in Northwest Iowa. Involved with gardening my entire life...starting really appreciating it 7 years ago. Now I am constantly inspired and continue to learn more every day. I worked in a Garden Center for 2 years doing every job known in the gardening/landscaping world and will always remember it as the best job I ever had and it was the hardest decision I ever made leaving there(but you can’t feed a family on $6 an hour).
Since then I have created my litte paradise. Inspired by cottage gardens all the around world I have encorporated a bunch of ancient hollyhocks, iris’s, daylilies and anything else I can find(all in pinks and whites of course) into my landscape. Little by little I am taking over my yard from the huge grove surrounding us.
Favorites include:larkspur, pestomen(every kind!), trailing lobelia, white pansies, victoria blue salvia, bachelor buttons, cosmos, and the very best...butterfly bushes.

I live in: United States

My zone is: zone 4

First registered on August 21, 2001 .