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I am planting a variety of fruit and nuts trying to focus mostly on lower care planting as I don�t reside full time at my orchard location yet. I enjoy growing many types of plants and have pretty much ran of planting room at my full time residence. I have a fairly large Japanese Maple collection mostly in pots. I grow a lot of Hardy Cyclamen, Hellebores, Camellia, Daffodils, and other shade tolerant plants. I enjoy native plants as well and try to focus with them in my woodland plantings. I look forward to moving to my North Georgia Cabin full time where I will have that nice vegetable garden area that eludes me at my present Northern Metro Atlanta area location. Some of the things I grow are listed below. Most the fruits and nuts are recently established and with not residing on location full time challenges keeping everything prospering.

***APPLES: Arkansas Black, Ashmead�s Kernel, Bevan�s Favorite, Fuji, GoldRush, Golden Delicious, Liberty, Virginia Gold, Williams Pride

***European Pears: Kieffer, Magness, Moonglow, Seckel ***Asian Pears Korean Giant, Niitaka, Shinko

***Figs: Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Celeste, Chicago Hardy, LSU Gold, Violette De Bordeaux
Col de Dame, 2 unknowns

***Asian Persimmon: Eureka, Fuyu, Great Wall, Izu, Matsumoto Wase Fuyu, Saijo, Tamopan

***Blueberry: Austin, Baldwin, Beckyblue, Bluebell, Brightwell, Centurion, Chippewa, Climax, Delite, Jubilee, Misty, Northland, O�Neal, Powderblue, Premier, Sharpblue, Southmoon, Tiftblue, Woodard, ? N. Highbush

***Muscadines: Black Fry, Cowart, Ison, Nesbitt, Tara, ?Carlos

***Bunch Grapes: Mars, Concord, Concord Seedless, Jupiter, HimRod, Fredonia, Reliance, Red Catawba

***PawPaw: Mango, NC-1, Sunflower, Pennsylvania Golden, native seedlings

***Jujube: Li, Sherwood

***Blackberries: Apache, Arapaho, Brazos, Quachita, Triple Crown

***Raspberry: Heritage , Cumberland, Fall Gold

***Kiwi: Anna, Hayward, Issai, Meader male, Tomuri male

***Pomegranate: Kazke, Salavatski, Angel Red, Entek Habi Savehi

***Pecans: Desirable, Elliot, Pawnee, Stuart, Northern sdlgs

***Misc Nuts: Champion Carpathian Walnut, Lake English Walnut, Kwik-Krop Walnut, Chestnut Dunstan Hybrids, Chestnut Bear Creek seedlings, Heartnuts, Butternuts, Black Walnut, Trazel/Filazel

***Misc Fruits: Illinois Everbearing mulberry, Mayhaw seedlings, Montmorency cherry, Nanking cherry, North Star Cherry seedling?, Honeyberry Wild Honey, Honeyberry Honey Sweet

***** Japanese Maples around 200 maples mostly in pots ranging from 3 to 30 Gallon. Some of the cultivars listed: Aconitifolium, Atrolineare, Aureum, Autumn Moon, Baby Lace, Beni Hime, Beni Shichihenge, Bloodgood, Bonfire, Burgandy Lace, Butterfly, Coonara Pygmy, Coral Bark Sango Kaku, Crimson Queen, Emperor one, Garnett, Green Cascade, Hogyuko, Inabe Shadire, Kashima, Katsura, Lion heart, Omureyama, Orangeola, Osakazuki, Oshio Beni, Pixie, Red Select, Scolopendrifolium, Seriyu, Shania, Shindeshojo, Shishigashira, Shishio Improved, Skeeter�s Broom, Tamukeyama, Toyama Nishiki, Trompenburg, Twombly�s Red Sentinel, Ukigumo, Viridis, Vitofolium, Waterfall

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7 NW GA

My favorite forum 1 is Fruit & Orchards.

My favorite forum 2 is Fig.

First registered on January 20, 2008 .