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My wife and I are both retired teachers and spend the growing season working (sometimes what seems like all three days of it)on the veggie portion of our seaside "estate"-- yeah, right(!). Our flowers are mostly perennials (and free seeding annuals) since the food garden takes so much time.

Seaside gardening is a challenge, what with the salt air, wind and sand; we also lose some plants to Winter kill--like our Butterfly Bush which we decided not to replant, and the hydrangeas (they survive the Winter conditions, but we have no guarantee that they will flower every year).

We have apple and peach trees that are a constant temptation to the local critters, and we are trying apricots from seedlings. Niagara grapes do well here, as well as Concords; rhubarb does well and the blackberries are taking over their corner of the yard; the raspberries are just beginning to come in regularly.

We found some Egyptian Onion bulbs in the town compost pile a few years ago and they have now established themselves quite nicely. We use them like scallions in Asian cooking, along with our freely reseeding Cilantro.

If you are a classical music buff, I have a huge collection of recordings and the capacity to burn CD's, so if you don't find a plant or some seeds that you need, perhaps a little music for the soul ......(?)

We hope to be able to exchange both seeds and information. Happy Gardening.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z6, Coastal MA

My favorite forum 1 is Seed Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Northeast Coastal Gardening.

First registered on November 21, 2004 .