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I'm an avid(ok, rabid according to dh) gardener. I'm most interested in shade gardening, and my strongest knowledge base is in trees and shrubs.

I love roses, and I'm growing them in mixed beds with other shrubs and trees, as well as perennials.

My newest(8/8/03) additions to the garden are bamboos. I found a terrific local nursery south of Rochester, Oriental Garden Supply. They have a website, and are true plantsmen. I recomend them highly if you are interested in unusual conifers, japanese maples, bamboos and many other hard to find plants.

I have a small but interesting collection of unusual pines. I have fallen in love with conifers, but the pines particularly interest me.

I live on the northwest corner of Wayne County, very close to Lake Ontario. The lake is a wonderful moderating influence, and I'm a zone warmer than anyone a little further inland.

Currently I have the following roses:

Molineux (2)
Charles Darwin
Hot Cocoa
New Dawn(removed)
White Dawn(removed)
Marmalade Skies(not sure I care for the color)(removed)
Will Baffin(don't care for him, may sp soon)(removed)
Knock Out(3)

Aditions to my roses:

Rouge Royale
Auguste Renoir(2)
Francois Rabelais

new addition

L.D. Braithwaite

I really want Out of Yesteryear, but don' t know if anyone sells a larger plant of these.

I'll be adding to these as I find things I love locally, and ordering what I can't find online.

I help out occasionally at a nursery. I love doing this, and get to oh-so-casually shop the whole time I'm there. This also gives me a really good idea of what does well here, and what isn't a good choice.

Unfortunately the rose selection is somewhat limited there, they have a lot of roses, mostly ht's, and I'm a nut for the OGR's and DA's. The Romantica's are appealing to me also.

If you're a CNY'er, please do email me!


I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 cny

My favorite forum 1 is Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Antique Roses.

First registered on July 09, 2003 .