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Plants of any kind are my favorite hobby....I became an addict when we lived in Philadelphia.....a little old lady used to hold me hostage and make me look at all her plants with her.....eventually (I don't know when it happened) I was hooked. We've lived all over and I've found that you can't take your plants with you when you go! Different plants for different states; that is just the way it is. Here is what I have for trading (for now anyway):Mexican petunia, devil's backbone, pencil cactus, walking purple Iris, chocolate mint, mother in law's tongue, wild fritilaria, wild lobelia, small agave, lantana, red leaf canna, umbrella palm, parlor palm...cereus monstrose, crown of thorns, maroon columbine, drunkard's dream cactus, small sago palm (pics of all of those if you need them)......lots and lots of seeds of flowers and sabal palm......let me know if any of these interest you.

I live in: United States

My favorite forum 1 is Florida Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Aquatic Plant Exchange.

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