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There was nothing here when I moved in ten years ago, other than a stand of large oak trees and a old pecan tree. I’ve added a Japanese red maple (acer palmatum atropurpureum) and a pink flowering dogwood.

I have planted things which are virtually indestructible like Perovskia Little Spires, Echinacea (Magnus and White Swan), Coreopsis, Daylilies, Liriopes, Phlox, Four O Clocks, and Aztec Grass. Also in the garden: Wood Hyacinth, Blue Grape Hyacinth (Muscari), Daffodils, Dutch Iris, Bearded Irises, winter flowering Iris, Spider Lillies, Aquilegia Mckana Giant, Nandinas short and tall, Variegated Privets, Winter Honeysuckle, Butterfly Bushes etc, Mexican Heather, Geranium Rozzanne, Gallardia Arizona Sun, Hydrangeas, Hostas (Halcyon, Honeybells, Guacomole, June, Frances Williams and Hadspen Blue), Crinum Lilies including Milk-and-Wine, Blackberry Lily, Catmint and Catnip, Penstemons, Hermitage and Apple Blossom Amaryllis, Balloon flowers, a Rose of Sharon (Jeane d’Arc), Guara Lindheimeri Ballerina Blush, Clematis Viticella Venosa Violacea with Rosa Pink Perpetue on a trellis, and various Bee Balms. There are herbs and veggies tucked among the flowers. Ground covers are two types of Vinca, White Clover, and Wood Violets. I have Honeysuckle and Trumpet Vines disguising the ugly chain link back fence. There is a 19-year-old Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae), a plant which originates from the area I lived in as a child. My other South African plants are few but include Agapanthus and dwarf Peter Pan, Cape Plumbago, Society Garlic, Clivia orange and yellow, Red Hot Poker (Flamenco), Amaryllis Belladonna, and Gladiolus oppostiflorus v. salmioneus.

Total relaxation is - daydreaming while working in my garden.

My pond plants are variegated Sweetflag (Graminea and Ogon) Cattail (miniature and large), Corkscrew Rush, Arrowhead, Calla Lilies, Umbrella Plant, Irises (Siberian Blue, Texas Flag, Vermillion Queen, Black Gamecock, Versicolour, and Heavenly Glow), Moneywort, Horsetail, Lizard’s Tail, and waterlilies Arc-en-Ciel, Attraction, Colorado, and Helvola.

My daylily collection included Kwanzo, Europa, Prairie Blue Eyes, Black Eyed Stella, Stella D’Oro, Little Business, Pardon Me Red, Ed Brown, Strawberry Candy, Corryton Pink, Fairy Tale Pink, Chicago Apache, Ming Toy, Joan Senior, Mallard, Siloam Grace Stamile, Russian Rhapsody, Cinderella’s Dress, Lullaby Baby, Bella Lugosi, Custard Candy, Little Grapette, Happy Returns, Purple d’Oro, Siloam Ury Winniford, Pandora’s Box, Siloam Double Classic, American Revolution, Night Beacon, Catherine Woodbury, Crimson Pirate, Frivolous Frills, Mariska, Ming Porcelain, Double Cranberry Ruffles, Double Cranberry Ruffles, Jungle Princess, Rosie Meyer, Ed Murray, Daring Deception, Castleberry, Ida’s Magic, Joyful Fancy Free, Stella Supreme and David’s Joy - but some have been lost and I’m waiting for blooms to ID what remains.

So far Black Eyed Stella, Fairy Tale Pink, Jungle Princess, Rosie Meyer, Siloam Double Classic, Ming Toy, Lullabye Baby, Siloam Grace Stemile, Happy Returns, Stella Supreme, Double Cranberry Ruffles, American Revolution, Little Business, Joyful Fancy Free and Stella D’Oro are blooming.

New native additions are Texas Betony, Lyreleaf Salvia, Salvia Coccinea (Scarlett Hedge Nettle), red Valerian and Rose Campion.

Other additions are a wide mix of rain lilies and a red flowering thornless quince.

Let’s hope most of this survives.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7b/NE TXexas

First registered on September 20, 2002 .