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I’m 21. I love to try to grow anything, especially if it’s edible, neat (almost everything) or pretty. :O). I’ve succesfully grown to fruition bell peppers, jalapen~o peppers, sunflowers (well, not tooo successfully)collards, kale and beans. The bell and jalapen~os were in a homemade "earthbox" that I found plans for online.

I live in North Georgia... around latitude deg 34. Our winter is temperate; colder than would be expected being the state that borders Florida. Recently we had a low of 15 for New Years time. After that we had snow. Then we got down to 12. One day it didn’t get above freezing. Near my birthday, in Dec, it was 78 deg. Crazy weather. :). Frost is usually finished going into beginning and middle April. The summer can be hot, into the hundreds sometimes... but I love it. I love the heat. I can take heat better than cold. Most Cilantro, unfortunately doesn’t seem to be able to. :O).

The place I live in is pretty hilly and clay. There are weeds I’m unable to identify, pine trees, moths as big as my hand, salamander like creatures, ants that love mint, deer, racoons, opossums, crazy huge beetles and bugs, redneck folks (the real deal, no imitatitons allowed), and more CLAY.

I have a 4x4 square-foot-garden I built, but it didn’t do to great the first year... so I’m working on trying to get it to work better. I need to learn how to ammend this clay soil. Help. I'm working on planting an approx. 100 sq-foot biointesive bed in the clay.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7B N GA

First registered on June 27, 2007 .