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I remember when I was a small girl about 6 and being raised in the city knew nothing of how we got our garden vegetables on our table except that we went to the store to buy them. Well to make a long story short, we went to the country to my Aunt and Uncles one time. They were putting out their garden planting tomato plants, seeds and onion sets. I being little ask if I could help with it looking like fun! My Aunt went down the row tediously and I tried doing what she was doing in the next row by seeing her from her back side watching her covering the dirt up in the long line that had been dug out as she went down the row... she was setting her onion sets in the dirt and covering them. NOT ME!!! I was picking them out throwing them and just shoving dirt back in the hole thinking she was plucking weeds and junk then covering the hole back up! She didnt realize what I was doing but then my Uncle said HEY! YOU ARE THROWING AWAY WHAT SHE IS TRYING TO PLANT!!!!!! I had to go find each and every onion set I had thrown so they could replant them!

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