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I am a single gay male. I love to garden. As my mother grew older, her gardens started to look like crap. I knew very little about gardening but I decided I had to do SOMETHING to pretty-up the homestead (just a small suburban lot in central New Jersey). In retrospect I refer to this as my years attending the University of Trial and Errors. I remember gardening one day in a light but steady rain when mom came out of the house to inform me that it was raining (I knew that!). She said, "Aren't you coming in?". (Maybe it was a generational thing; maybe just a gardening thing). My mother's generation came in when it was raining and bundled up in winter so you wouldn't catch a cold. On the nice days she would bring out a beer and two glasses and we would take a break together. These were great gardening years for me. I learned so much and read so much about gardening. I learned how to accept disappointment when a plant failed. That was hard at first but that vacant space meant a place to try again! Mom's gone now and my younger brother and his wife now own the homestead. Another lesson I learned was how to bite my tongue when I visit my brother. His wife has her own taste in the garden and much of what I did is now changed. She found homes for all of the discarded plants and my sister (who is my true kindred spirit in the garden) saved some of my plants also. Now I am a Master Gardener in Arlington, Va. and tend to my own townhouse garden. I read somewhere once that you garden to remember. I thnk that's as good a reason as any.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 Va.

My favorite forum 1 is Butterfly Garden.

My favorite forum 2 is Fragrant Plants.

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