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I have a vegetable garden in an old hog pen, azaleas planted
around my home and small hill near the entrance, and six (no, make that seven) rescued cats of all ages I care for and now claim as my own. I'm 61 y. o. and think like I did when I was 35. I live in the basement of my son's house where his mother-in-law, wife, and 7 y.o. daughter reside. There is always something going on to keep one "entertained", if you catch my drift! I love all animals and love working in the gardens. I've been partially disabled since '87. I was a commercial artist/designer/art director before then, and have transferred my artistic talents to the garden and plants.
One thing I never have to worry about in the garden is
mole damage because three of the cats are "molers". (They
catch the moles and bring them inside to their dinner plates
and leave them for me!) Sometimes they bring in a snake, or a bird, or rats and mice, but most often, it's moles, young and still "nice and fresh". And they are so proud of themselves, they yowl at me until I acknowledge their huntsmanship and generousity in "sharing" with me!!!

I live in: United States

My favorite forum 1 is Azalea & Rhododendron.

My favorite forum 2 is Georgia Gardener.

First registered on June 02, 2005 .