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Hi, I'm Shiza/aka Linda. (That's one of my Miniture Pinchers names) Anyone that knows German might get a little chuckle from it.....
I live in Southeastern Ohio, Meigs County. Which is famous for growing "SOMETHING" other then what "I DO!" (Now....I'm a little bit Crazy...but NOT from the "Wildwood Weeds")
When it comes to gardening.....I'M AM OLD TIMER. I've been at it for 30 years and enjoy every minute of it!
I know that some people like the Natural Look but I'm Very Formal. I guess it's my obsession! I have Privet Hedges and shrubs, in all shapes and sizes, that boarded everything. (Call me Shiza Scissor Hands) It's hard work obtaining the look but when it comes to "LOOKS" I get allot!
A few years ago I took a big satellite dish and turned it into a gazeebo. (One of my Crowning Accomplishments) I know what your think'in..... HAHA.....Actually, it's quite impressive!
I also have 4 ponds and numerous fountains.
I'm known, in these parts, for being THE BIRD WOMAN. I feed them, year around. (With some opposition from my husband) In the summer, I have FAR TOO MANY Hummingbirds! (Buying 50 pound bags of sugar a month) There my favorite. Nothing is better then to feed one from YOUR HAND!
I enjoy talking about any aspects of gardening or bird watching. I hope you all forgive me for sometimes having a "DRY SENSE OF HUMOR!" I love to Laugh!
For you WS'ers...... I think.... "I just might fit in???"
"Happy Gardening" to all of you..... it's a hard "Addiciton" to break! (I'm not an offical GREEN THUMBER .. but I'll give you my 2 cents worth) TeHe....

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6OH

My favorite forum 1 is Winter Sowing.

My favorite forum 2 is Hummingbird Garden.

First registered on January 23, 2004 .