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I grow orchids and various tropical plants indoors in the Canadian Arctic. I have to rearrange plants frequently to adapt to changes in daylength/light intensity because I live just below the Arctic Circle (my natural daylengths vary from 24 hrs. in summer to 6 hrs. in winter). I’ve always been interested in plants but 7 years ago I got a flowering Phalaenopsis and now I’m obsessed with orchids. I now have over 100 orchids including some species and a variety of hybrids.
Aerangis citrata –BS
Beallara Tropic Splendour ’Golden Gate’ -BS
Bulb. lobbii –BS
Catt. Regina Blue Cloud x L. Gaskell-Pumilla ‘Azure Star’
Catt. ‘Netrasiri Beauty’ x BLC ‘Varut Roongkamol’-LS
Cymb Golden Elf ‘Sundust’-BS
Cymb NOID (Mini?)-BS
Degarmoara Hani ‘Star of Unicorn’ -BS (3)
Dend kingianum -BS?
Dend Lovely Virgin Angel -BS
Dend Nellie Slade –BS (3)
Dend NOID ‘T T’ –1 BS, 2 divisions
Dend NOID -sm. div.
Dend Passionate Pink x Banyad Pink –BS
Dtps King Shong ‘Rose’ x Little Gem ‘Stripe’ –BS
Dtps Taisuco Firebird x Leopard Prince –BS
Laelia purpurata var. Werkhauseri ’4398 x Blue Lyre’ - ss
LC Mari’s Song –BS
Masd Alicia –BS
Masd caloptera –BS
Masd Goldfinch ’Goldeneye’ -BS
Masd Mardi Gras -BS
Masd princeps –BS
Masd Theresa Hill ’Pauolina Ferrusi’ x decumana -BS
Miltonia Saint Helier ’Lavender Charm’-BS
Miltoniopsis Chris Ellis x Monterey Bay –BS
Miltoniopsis Gordon Hoyt ’Dolores’- sdlg
Miltoniopsis Soquel ‘Volcano Snow’ –BS
Onc Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’ –BS (2)
Onc Sharry Baby ‘Tricolor’ – small div.
Onc Sweet Sugar ‘Yellow King’ – BS
Paph Flame Arrrow x Shadow Magic -BS
Paph kolopakingii ‘Joan’ x Bengal Lancers ‘Aggie’ –ms
Paph Oriental Enchantment x -BS
Paph Prince Edward of York – ss
Paph Raisin Eyes ‘Rose Leopard’ x Maud ‘Los Osos’ –BS
Paph Simaril x -BS
Paph St. Armel – sdlg (2)
Phal Brother Saragold –BS
Phrag Chuck Acker -seedling
Pleione formosa -BS
Pot ‘Free Spirit’ x BLC ‘Wanda’s Fire’ – LS
Rhynchostylis gigantea ‘Red’ –BS
Sarcochilus hartmanii - sdlg
SLC Hazel Boyd ‘Sunset’-BS
Vanda Motes Indigo –large seedling
Zygopetalum noid - BS
Zygopetalum Titanic -BS

I live in: Canada

My zone is: z0 NWT,Can

My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Orchid Gallery.

First registered on June 16, 2002 .