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I use "Occupant" as my name for several reasons. I get mail fine with it.

Sorry if it bothers some of you.

On another seed swap site everyone is supposed to mail to "occupant" for privacy and safety reasons, so I just adopted that way of doing things.

I want to start a True to Type Seed Bank, where I'm the keeper of the bank, and people can make deposits and withdrawls, like a real bank.

Excess bank seed (available loans) will be posted, as well as the amounts of other seed in the bank, which have not reached the "minimum account level", and need deposits.

The point of this seed bank, would be for people to withdraw a given excess seed variety, grow it out, and return some of that fresh seed to the bank, which would release some of the banked seed to be loaned out.

That way, seed in the bank, would always be fresh, not rare, cost effective for anyone who wants to grow their own food, and start to become food stable.

The more people, borrowing, growing and returning seed, the more fresh seed would be available to more and more people, until it comes to the point, that all varieties are at maximum storage limit, and always have an excess, so anyone could borrow and return any variety on the master list, that they want.

People could add notes, about how and where the seed performed for them, and where, and if there were any problems.

I could make a website and link it here, if gardenweb allows links.

I thought of this idea because there are so many tomato and other veggie varieties out there, that it would take me years to grow them out, and full up the bank jars myself alone.

If there were this kind of veggie seed bank out there, people could save a lot of money aquiring new seed, instead of paying $2.00 a pack, which can add up, or only receiving a few seeds in a trade.

Seed would be available to anyone, rich or poor. All varieties would be loaned out at no less than 10 seeds per loan. If somehow those all failed, there might be enough excess seed in the bank to try again.

This is also a good way for people to get rid of excess seed, and know that it will join the seed bank, be propagated and shared.

It's also a way for people's seed collections and diversity to expand.

Imagine if people started personal seed banks everywhere, then set up a seed bank exchange, to aquire a lot of seed for their personal banks, so they could grow diverse quickly.

If this took off, there'd be no such thing as people needing to buy seed, or varieties becoming rare, unavailable, or sold out.

So, I will set up a website for a seed bank, that works like this, if people want to use it, that would be great, I'll still be working on maxing out each variety's "accounts" by myself.

Once they're maxed out, I will put up how many "loans" are available, and hope that at least one loanee, would return seed to the bank. The more that return seed, the more seed available, and the fresher the seed will stay.

I live in: United States

My favorite forum 1 is Seed Exchange.

First registered on April 08, 2014 .