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Who was it that said Find a job you love, and never work another day in your life? After half a lifetime of unfulfilling work, I have finally found what it is that thrills me. Propagating plants, fostering them, seeing them reach their potential---and IM the one who has blossomed!!!
And so, throwing caution to the wind, I have invested in a 30x60 greenhouse, and am about to start my new life, that of a nurserywoman. Wish me luck!

UPDATE June 2011:
Well, after a post-graduate degree at The School of Hard Knocks,
I've given up on the idea of owning a nursery, or at least being successful at it...
Gardening and propagation are my favorite pastimes, but I've not been able to make a living at it, so I've gone in another direction. I've sold my massive greenhouse, potted up those plants I couldn't bear to be without, and moved to a ***tiny*** garden in Greenlake. I love city living, and the man I'm living with. He's getting interested in gardening and horticulture too!
My garden in Poulsbo was a source of wonder and place of refuge for many many years, and leaving it was among the hardest things I've done, but I trust it's in good hands.
I'm thrilled to be making a new garden in Seattle!

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