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We are a young(ish) family, my husband, myself and our 11 year old son Kyle (STRAIGHT A's !!!!!)WTG Kyle! We live in rainy western Washington. This is our first year in our new house. We are busy making the 1/3 of an acre pretty, with our own ideas. While there were nice established shrubs and fruit trees when we bought, there was nothing else, no pretties whatsoever, so we have a blank canvas to work with. It is hard work, but we are enjoying it. (Well not Kyle, he won't lift a finger to help) We got sticker shock when we started buying plants, trees and shrubs. We have had to settle on smaller specimens to get the most for our money, and it is cool to see them florish or become members of the compost bin. I also have my first veggie garden. About 12x12, I have pumpkins, cantalope, chili's, bell peppers, yellow and green zucchini, pole beans, tomatoes, turnips, strawberries,mesculen greens and potato hills. I am growing the fingerling carrots and English breakfast radishes in long planters. I never met a flower I didnt like, even weeds that have pretty flowers may stay if they aren't in the veggie garden. I am going to try more bulbs in the future now that I have room. I love fresh herbs, but have a really hard time growing them. Our new house is in full sun ALL DAY LONG. The front gets morning- till late afternoon sun, and the back is in the sun all day. We have water restrictions, and even with the frequent showers, I still have to water all the time. I can't wait to ask you seasoned gardeners some questions. I write children's books, and I haphazardly try to get published. We love rock music, my favorite band is Seattles own Soundgarden. They are named after some neato tall, metal, art pieces that are by lake Wasington, and they make sounds when the wind blows. Anyway, Happy Gardening Everyone.

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