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No matter where I live or where I go I have always had some form of garden. The years I have not had one I tended to go into a funk during the whole growing season when I would see gardens of all types growing. To make up for it I started getting into indoor plants so now I not only love my outside gardening, I also love my indoor gardening. I have almost always started my garden from seed early before preplanting instead of buying plants. I then would save seeds from some of my best plants/fruits/vegetables for the next year and have always seemed to do very well. I have the never give up type of attitude with all the plants I try to raise. Even when some think they have no hope I take them in to try to make them better. It doesnt always work butI give it the good gardeners try!
My family tends to benefit from what I grow the most (even though I am the avid gardener), then end up doing their own thing or even starting their own little garden patches, helping with the care and definitely with the eating of what is produced by what we grow! LOL!
I look forward to sharing over time what I have to share with others, from knowledge to seeds to plants and hope to share from the experience and possibly trades with others as well! Viva las Gardening!!! (I hope I spelled that correctly!! LOL!)

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 VA

My favorite forum 1 is Seed Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Container Gardening.

First registered on March 08, 2005 .