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I am a work at home Mom and artist. In my little spare time, I love to garden. I have continued this passion with my children. Both my son and daughter have their own special themed gardens to work in. My daughter has a zoo garden(was featured in Birds and Blooms magazine) and my son has a 5 senses garden. Recently I have taught my daughter how to harvest the many seeds in her garden for trading. She is very excited about doing this.

I love photography and taking pictures of my gardens. My trade page has pictures of all my plants for trading.Just click on the links and they will take you to my photobucket site of my gardens.

me chilling in the tulip bed

~Just me chillin in a bed of tulips~

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMy kitty JiJi-He likes to help garden

For reference: This is a list of plants already in her zoo garden~
~white swan echinacea
~Lamb’s ear
~Miscanthus-little kitten
~Bluejay blueberry shrub
~Hummingbird/trumpet vine
~Canary bird vine
~Canary tomato
~Green cat grass
~Red spider zinnias
~Beebalm-praire night
~Honeybee agastache-blue and white
~Solomon’s seal
~Yellow tiger lilies
~Sheep’s Bit
~Alligator shoes hosta
~Red fox veronica speedwell
~Oyster plant-salsify
~Polar bear zinnias
~Honeybear sunflowers
~Elephanthead amaranthus
~Columbine-songbird series
~Spiderwort-3 kinds
~Campanula(Harebell)-blue clips
~Variegated gooseneck loose strife
~Lobelia-cardinal flower
~Ameria-sea thrift-bees hybrid
~Coral bells-firefly
~ostrich ferns
~Porcupine grass
~Toadshade trillium
~Rattlesnake lily
~spider lily
~snake gourd
~Monkey flower
~bunnytails grass
~Guara-whirling butterflies
~Toad lily-3 kinds
~Dogwood tree-white
~Butterfly bush
~Bear’s breech
~Cransbill-3 kinds
~Anemone-Victor Jones
~Catmint-variegated and six hills giant
~Rattlesnake pole bean
~Zebra Iris-variegated blades
~Malva zebrina-zebra mallow
~Dwarf variegated foxtrot grass
~Rose campion angels blush/kittens ears
~Marigold-lion’s mane and tiger eyes
~Tiger Eyes Sunflower
~Elephant ears
~aster-ostrich plume
~Foxglove-spanish peaks
~Rose of Sharon-BlueBird
~Phlox-Phlox of sheep
~Clematis-Little Duckling
~Clematis-Bee’s Jubilee
~Camel’s Cover-(Patrinia scabiosifolia)
~Zebra Grass
~Daylilies-3 kinds
~Coreopsis-Mouse Ears
~Helenium Hoopesii-Owl’s Claw
~Campanula-Bats in the Belfry
~Hosta-Blue Mouse Ears
~Hens and chicks-Lots of different kinds
~We also added an Iris named "Steve" in memory of Steve Irwin-we would like to find any plants that have crocodile in the name
We are always looking for more to add-Looking for more exotic animal names to give a variety to the garden. This garden is large with paths and benches-please see her wants list~Thanks

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 -ny

My favorite forum 1 is Seed Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Winter Sowing.

First registered on August 23, 2004 .