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I have a large lot with a small green house that is a work in progress. I’m still working on my yard trying to eliminate the seedling maples that grew up from my neighbor’s tree. This year I have removed 2 already. One of which fell on the neighbor’s house. Thankfully no damage. I am also working on removing nut grass. I’ve dug up all my bulbs and am still digging out plants to treat the area with casaron. Just tired of dealing with it and it’s going into my lawn now. Pulling just doesn’t get it and if I am busy or sick it just takes over.
Although I have gardened 40+ years I find I’m always learning. It’s amazing how much you don’t know and how willing people are to share with you their own insights about gardening.
I especially enjoy trying different types of seeds to see if I can get them to grow. Currently I am interested in perennials and heirloom plants. I am have gotten almost obsessive with tomato plants. I guess to be honest I should say I really am obsessed with tomatoes. The more I try the more I can either add or remove from my list. I also enjoy sharing my excess seeds and plants. Currently I’m cutting down on my stock of seeds so if you trade with me you will get extras. This years abundance of seeds has enabled me to give away even more even to the surprise of some that have been doing this longer than I. But I just have too many seeds. I tried starting 300 different types last year and that was just too much.
Mary (salempetunia)

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