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I love almost all plants, indoors and out, but I am especially passionate about orchids. I was first attracted to the grace and beauty of the phals I saw at Home Depot, but was hesitant to buy one because I had heard they were difficult. Well, I eventually decided that that was a challenge, and began down the slippery slope of orchid addiction by buying a large white phal. =) Six years later, I now have:

NOID Dend-phal
NOID Onc similar to Sharry Baby
NOID white phal
NOID pink phal
Phal Lava Glow
Phal Be Tris
Phal Timothy Christopher
Paph Cicada's Secret x Sunken Treasure
Paph Dellainia
Phrag. Paul Eugene Conroy
Cirropetalum pulchellum
Dend. laevifolium
Dend. kingianum
Dend. Tongchai Gold
Dend. Vorawit Blue
Dend. Emma White
Sarcochilus hartmannii
Schoenorchis fragrans
Lockhartia osterdii (sp?)
Masd. tovarensis
Mttsa. Charles M. Finch
Bllra. Marfitch 'Unicorn Splendour'

A few of the above orchids are in my 85 gal. terrarium/vivarium, which also contains misc. wild mosses, a very small Guzmania (possibly lingulata), Selaginella kraussiana 'aurea', a polka dot plant, an Aluminium plant, a Rabbit's Foot Fern, a Nep. ventrata, a T. cyanea, various other Tillandsia species, Anubias barteri, java moss, Pinguicula primulaflora, rhoeo and chamadorea elegans (parlour palm) as temporary space fillers, and some rocks from my rock collection. As you can see in the picture below , there is more room on the driftwood for more mini orchids, and hopefully some more carnivorous plants as well, that I hope to add in the next year. My terrarium doesn't actually look this good anymore, and I will post an updated pic once I've found enough plants to fill in the gaps.

Here's a close-up of a Paph. in bloom

Until I have a house with large windows and/or a sunroom, I will be concentrating on orchids and mini tropicals for my terrarium. I also hope to add poison dart frogs at some point in the future. To see more pics, go to http://img4.photobucket.com/albums/v29/sahoyaref/Vivarium/ And for those who want to know technical stuff, the substrate is cedar bark mulch, humidity is 80%, temp. 72-75 F/23-24 C, lighting is 4 compact fluorescents in a Daylight (6500-6700K) spectrum, the waterfall is made of slate, and the stream bed is made from carved pink styrofoam (the kind used for insulating houses) covered in black aquarium silicone and aquarium gravel. Always use black silicone, because the 'clear' stuff turns white over time (quite quickly, actually), and will be much more obvious than black.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: Alberta z3a

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