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I will tell you all about my gardening experiences: I have a degree in Horticulure and Biotechnology. I have experience in micropropogation of hosta and roses, as well as others. I am a collector of African Violets and many succulents. I love to colelct crassulacea. I have grown Lotus and Waterlilies, and Irises from seed. If you haven’t guessed I am an avid water gardener, and I love dibbling in hybridizing water loving species. I have grown many plants from seed, and one of my hobbies is having petunias, marigolds, and impatiens in bloom during the winter. I know a lot about growing seeds under light in the home. As that is another fetish(growing flowers under my bed)...IT IS SOO COOL! Anyways..I have studied Weed Science, and find that I can "control" most weed problems. I also was on a special project in Utah called "Slow the Flow"--I taught both residential, public, and golf course managers how to appropiately use water for their plants. So I am avid at water scheduling/usage and drought resistance/and how to help a planting become drought resistant. I like to solve complicated problems...Give me a whack. You can email me at Ryferre@yahoo.com (DONT SELL MY NAME) Anyways..if you collect succulents---I am always on the look!

My latest is I am now growing cactus and succulents by seed! I have had a lot of successes and a few failures...If you have any questions let me know, and I’ll see what I can do to help you out! I LOVE MAKING PLANTS GROW!

I am always a sucker for meeting people how are plant fanatics or the beginner. It brings a smile on my face when I can assist! I also love finding people who are experts in areas where I fail to know the answer. I give credit to the many professors and professionals who have done research to assist in my questions. I have a cast library of both personal research and research done by many associates around the world in the which I find joy at reviewing and playing with new ideas.

I am overtaking a personal responsibility to find new plants that can do well in my home and outdoor environments. There have been many recent discoveries of hardy bananas at high altitudes so I will soon be planting bananas in the middle of good ol’ utah!

When I was young I made a friend with a director of a Botanical Garden in Hawaii. He was kind enough to send me some seeds of some very interesting plants. Some of the seeds did very well as a houseplant and some did not. Very few of them performed well outside. I think this was due mainly to the hunidity. So as you see, I try and try. I like the common plant, just as much as the rare and unusual.

I give credit to my good health to the plants that sleep with me in my room. I haven’t had any sort of medical problem besides maybe the stress that comes with life. I truly believe I breath air more pure then can be found in most homes thatnk to some of my plant buddies.

I am a member of a great group of friends who discuss, trade, and talk about the beautiful relative of milkweed, HOYA. It is becoming an ever popular houseplant sold at most major nurseries, and many small ones. It is a great plant to won and enjoy as the flowers are very rewarding, and the varieties can be addicting to collectors alike.

I have worked in many fields of Horticulture, anywhere from education, landscaping, and groundscrew member. As I said earlier GIVE ME A WHACK and lets see if I can pull out an answer.

I look forward to having so much fun with meeting a lot of neat people on this great webplace of information.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z5(Utah)

My favorite forum 1 is Cacti & Succulents.

My favorite forum 2 is Hoya.

First registered on August 19, 2003 .