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hi folks. i grew up in detroit. i like gardening and am getting into composting more since discovering the soil forum. my love of gardening comes from the italian side of me. like olive oil, its in the blood. my wife and i, moved up to calumet, mi in the keweenaw peninsula in 1998 after visiting a former coworker who had moved back here. we liked it, so we decided to stay. its different up here. slower pace, no road rage, and LOTS of snow, on the scale of 200 to 300 inches per year. we have a house in town, and bought a 40 acre farm that we're slowly fixing up and plan to retire to eventually. my wife and i are both pharmacists. we're learning more and more of the link between good health and a good diet. you really are what you eat. we have 2 dogs, a toy poodle named lempi (the boss), and a brittany named aili. we like to garden organically, and try to grow everything we like to eat. the garden seems to get bigger each year.
we had a baby boy 052504, due date was early july, but he is doing just fine now. he was very unexpected, but not unwanted. it was a high risk pregnancy that almost cost my wifes' life. it was very close. i took 12 weeks family leave, and it was great. you really learn what it's like to be a parent. people say having a child will change your life, and you think, yeah, i know, but you don't really know until you have that baby in your arms, to what degree your life changes. awesome. biggest surprise so far is the amount of laundry the little guy can generate. secondly is how tired you can be by the end of the day, even though you haven't really done that much. you just never know what lifes going to throw at you. keeps things interesting.

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