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Hubby and I are both water signs and crave being near water. Started our first pond about 8 years ago on a shoe-string budget!!! Military tent bottom was our liner which held up for a couple years then sprung a leak and we lost all the fish (feeder goldfish that were about 4-6"). We scavenged the area for reddish colored rock in our Explorer and after 13 overloaded trips, finally had enuff. There was a major storm up here, fences blew down etc. and we decided to "move" the pond about 3 feet toward the house and make it bigger. Finally we could afford to buy the right liner and a big enuff pump. We enjoyed the new pond with the new feeder fish who grew again and we put the house on the market in 2001......the pond "sold" the house. We went 2 1/2 years with no pond and two months ago, we were given some flat rocks and a small preform which set the wheel in motion again. Yeah! We are back to ponding...3 more preforms elevated for waterfalls and some fish. Back to the hills again for rocks but this time in a much bigger vehicle, we have a nice rock contained area for shade and sun loving plants who are thriving around our new addition. Also have some give away tubs that I am using for watergardens (4' diameter by 30" deep)for plants. So bottom line is this....be creative, use your imagination and don't let the lack of money be a barrier. It is actually more fun improvising than going to the local pond shop and buying everything you need. Look around, you will be surprised what you can find for the taking. We have a multitude of plants that we found down at the local creek. Believe it or not, the Home Depot waterlilies in the container for $9.97 are thriving with blooms ready to happen. Just germinated some lotus seeds and paid $2.49 for 3 pods with 26 seeds. To the newbies....have fun, experiment, enjoy.

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