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Married, 4 kids (2 grown and gone, 2 in elementary school now - same father/husband!), 2 dogs now (1 12-year-old boxer and 1 terrier aged 16, will be replaced by *small* dogs if any).

Zone is USDA 5 a/b, or Arbor Day Fdtn 6... bottom line, it occasionally gets to be -20F here but not very often. It can get into the 110s but very rarely, and in 2009 I don’t even think we hit 100.

The landscape plan at our home is ever changing, and depends on what grew where, when. I have a lot of fun finding inexpensive plants on the distressed racks at big-box stores, and learning what does and does not put out seed. Also learning to harvest viable seed from plants and swapping with other adventurous souls, but mostly now my seeds are getting shipped to wintersown.org (I'm getting too lazy to swap I think).

2007 was my first year wintersowing, and it went so well that I never did get around to planting them all actually, but most of them went in the ground; some of them were adopted out because I got tired of hacking at the ground.

Adam (third grade now) is still almost as excited about gardening as I am. :-) Abby (kindergarten) is starting to get interested as well. But mostly the gardening is "mom's thing" and that's okay with me. :]

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z6 MO

My favorite forum 1 is Round Robin Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Winter Sowing.

First registered on September 03, 2005 .