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I took early retirement to work on our newly acquired 4 acres and try to turn it into DH and my dream spot. I guess I shouldn’t call it “newly acquired” since we’ve been here 7 years already. It’s just that there is so much more to do. The property sits on top of a ridge surrounded by over 1000 acres of virgin land. In the 20’s it was a school yard and the old school building is still standing. It has been changed and remodeled over the years to a residence so it is not really an historic building. But we use it for woodworking and storage. The property was clear-cut and then bull dozed before we found it. It is truly a work in progress; boy do I need help!!! The first year we planted over 25 trees. Then came the shrubs and hard-scaping; still working on that! The last several years I have concentrated on my flower beds. The work never ends…..I guess I’m not retired after all. I’ve worked harder in the last 7 years than I ever had in my life. But I love it!
I have many, many interests; Orchard, Vegetables, Perennials, flowering shrubs, Roses, Houseplants, African Violets, and especially Daylilies; I love them all.
My children are grown and actually moved to the west coast where we lived when they were growing up. My husband is a merchant marine and is gone most of the time…… so…… my 3 German Shepherds are my babies. They along with my flower gardens bring me peace and joy.

For my trading buddies on the Round Robin Forums: I love nature! Where some people will have silver candle sticks on their mantle I have driftwood and ceramic mushrooms. I have planted the property with an eye to becoming a bird sanctuary and have built up a large population of Hummingbirds and Bluebirds. Anything pertaining to these birds I will love.
I collect Dragons….have for almost 40 years. I love ceramic mushrooms and frogs…..not toads. And I love fantasy yard art. Dragons, Fairies, Elves, Pixies, and Gnomes (natural looking…not gaudy). I am currently on the hunt for a Pan statue and a Leprechaun. But I love them all.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7b-8a NC

First registered on April 10, 2002 .