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I like trying to organically grow interesting edibles. I’m trying to convert my existing landscape (if you could call it that) into fruiting plants and other edibles like sugar cane, ginger, lemon grass, etc. I have the following plants in my yard, either in pots waiting to be planted or already spreading their roots into my small chunk of mother earth: acerola, almond, asian pear, banana, black sapote, cherimoya, cherry of the Rio Grande, citrus (countless varieties on a total of 5 treees), coconut, feijoa, fig, ginger, guava, , jujube (both chinese and indian), lemon grass, longan, loquat, macadamia, mango, natal plum, papaya, passion fruit, pitomba, rosemary, sapodilla, , starfruit, sugar cane, tamarind, and white sapote. Not all of these have fruited yet, but I keep hoping!

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9 AZ

My favorite forum 1 is Tropical Fruits.

My favorite forum 2 is Arizona Gardening.

First registered on November 15, 2001 .