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I live in a large, very old house high over a small parcel (12,000 sq ft.)on the eastern bank of the Annisquam River which is the intra-coastal waterway. Gardening is an incredible challenge here. The eastern side of our house is only 20' from the street where road salt,traffic and shade from across the road make gardening difficult. The southern side of our property is only 35' from a newly built house which now puts my tiny side garden in shade. The western side has a beautiful view, a beach and lots of wind. The Garden Web is a constant source of help and inspiration. Thanks and keep it coming!

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6MacoastN

My favorite forum 1 is Gardening in Shade.

My favorite forum 2 is New England Gardening.

First registered on January 03, 2004 .