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Not much to tell. We live next to a river and have lots of wild life coming around. We feed anything that wants to come and eat. That has caused some problems. We have to keep a electric fence up around our garden if we want anything for ourselves. Also around the flower beds. The momma deer will be bringing their babies up before long.After the little ones come for a month or so they will come by them selves and lay around in the yard..That is real neat. We have enough feeders to handle over a hundred birds.
We raised three sons which have all left the nest. No grand childen yet. All thats left is mywife of thirtynine years a five lbs. dog [Sadie] and a black cat my wife calls Mosses and I call Damn cat. If the cat sees a snake it is a goner.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6ks

First registered on June 05, 2002 .