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Hi........I live near a small rural town in NE Washington. Our home is on a small acre that is full of rocks...........when you have rocks, you make rock borders around your beds! To plant a one-inch plug of a plant I often dig 2 pounds of rocks..............but at least I have great drainage! I’ve found great drainage is very beneficial to many types of plants, so I try not to complain too much. Spending time in my garden is my favorite hobby......my best days start with time in the dirt. I’ve been working the gardens in this yard for 16 years and love trying new plants every chance I find something new.
UPDATE........I have now moved 200 miles south and live in a much warmer climate. Actually, I’ve returned to the same home we bought over 30 years ago. We lived here on this little 1/2 acre for 11 years before heading north. I had great flower beds that are long gone.............My challenge now is to re-store what once was, and try to get things back into shape. More time in the dirt....YEAH! RHonda
Another update....1-3-07....I did what I could last summer......and I’ll work on it again.....as soon as winter is over that is! Update: 7-07 Things are finally looking the way I remembered. A great day starts with working out in my yard so I'd better get going...........it gets TOO HOT to work out there in the afternoon!

I live in: United States

My zone is: Zone 6- WA

First registered on January 31, 2002 .