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Hello all.
The name says it all. Its my Posative Affermation and My Goal.

Me I've been researching Hyproponice for about a year now and man Have I learned alot. I'v also been looking for a Forum like this you know hydroponic vegtables. There are a lot more sites on the cultevation of other things than vegtables. If you get my meaning.

The reason I'm into researching Hydry is I'm working on a retirement project. I call it my Vacant Land Project. In the woods far from the RAT-RACE and off the power grid. Hydro-Electric power, Hydroponic gardening and no neibors. the wife likes the Idea too, the kids? whell there not going to live with us forever.

I build most all of my Hydroponic systems DWC, Aero, bubblers, Fogger I'm still testing that one. And I collect design links from the web to try later. I'm a maintenance man and I'm handy like that. It is also soooo much cheeper that way.

On the retirement site I will be using insulated Shipping containers 8x8x20/40 as green houses. There cheep and very good for the controled enviroment of lights and Hydroponics.
This may all sound crazy, Whell it did until I started Priceing it out. $200.000 or less land and all the fixens.
I'll add more later or enter the link to my geo city where I'm putting this all together so I can Remember everything.

I'm here to learn to grow vegtables fruit and the like. If I can help I will.


I live in: United States

My zone is: Pacific NW USA

My favorite forum 1 is Hydroponics.

My favorite forum 2 is Pacific Northwest Garden Exchange.

First registered on August 09, 2004 .