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An ardent lover of plants, two seasons ago I convinced my husband to landscape the back yard. As plans developed, and still develop, we ended up with 141 roses that we did not know how to care for. We thought "easy... just follow the books, right???" NOT!!! I have come to love these roses as a mother loves her children and grieves when they are not doing well but as I read through these forums I am learning to relax and enjoy them more. As a silent reader, I have voraciously processed and implemented the experiential wisdom found in the Rose Forum threads for several weeks. I thank all of you who have shared out of your personal experiences and brought some sense of accomplishment where there had been great discouragement. Thank you.

My husband and I are 51 years old, live in Lawrenceville, GA. Larry is Chief Engineer of a post production house and I am a counselor. We have 3 daughters, all grown up and married... one 2 year old grandson. We have a small lot, almost an acre. The back yard is mine and I have crammed it full of plants: vegetables, vines, perennials, annuals, and my favorite, roses which are scattered throughout plus fill two beds that line our walkways to the back of the lot. The front yard is his, and he has 4 trees... LOL.

Update: Gardening the Spring of 2003 was truly a joy. I have applied the practical instructions I read here and they worked miracles. I love my garden... cannot wait until Spring. Thank you all for your help and support that made my last Season such a success.

Update: Spring of 2004 has been truly a joy. In spite of the spidermites, the cane borers and powdery mildew challenges, the roses a bigger and more beautiful than ever. Except for the addition of a few arches and a large trellis, most of the work in the garden is maintenance so I have a lot more time to smell the roses... and, I’m a grandma again, with a third on the way (:p

Update: This gardening season, 2005, has brought one major challenge: No need to say more than... "I learned what canker is all about..." We have had victories as well: A local masonry company gave us 4,000 bricks, which we are in the process of turning into borders for the rose beds and walkways; I learned about foliar feeding (love the fast results); and in the process of learning how to grow a healthy lawn, I have been voraciously searching all the posts on improving the soil on the whole garden, not just the rose and flower beds. We have attempted to seed the lawn without much success in the past, so I am excited to finally have hope for a pretty lawn (but that will be next year’s success story).

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