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I am the owner of The Sample Seed Shop. I live in a suburb between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Summers are normally very nice here, and winters are generally snowy, but it is not the tundra. I really am in zone 6.
I wish I had known when we bought our house that I would become so obsessed with gardening. I would have bought more land. I am an organic gardener. I love growing roses, but I grow so many other shrubs, bulbs, perennials,tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables too.
I am one of the hosts of the Buffalo-Niagara Tomato TasteFest Party. If you would like info on attending, please email me.
I am a Buffalo Botanical Garden member and a member of the Genesee Valley Rock Garden Society. I am also a volunteer for the Delaware Park Rose Garden. I have started a garden blog (see link at bottom of page,) where I plan to show pics through out the garden season.
Some other things I like to do are play pool, cook, write poetry but not the silly love kind, and bird watch.
On the computer, I am often worried about being misunderstood. In real life, I can be very talkative. When I do talk I am very expressive and use my hands a lot just like a short Italian woman should : )
I just cut this quote out of the paper and put it on my fridge,"A garden is a lifetime. The only way I will ever be finished is when I'mm dead." That was Oscar de la Renta. You never know who is a gardener!<
There was a request on the Antique Rose Forum to list the roses we grow on our profiles, so I decided to do that.(It seems all the photos of my roses no longer show up on here.)
Mme. Legras de St. Germain
Mme Ernst Calvat
Souvenir de la Malmaison
Aunt Honey
Folk Singer
Hawkeye Belle
Prairie Harvest
Prairie Sunrise
Prairie Breeze
Fantin Latour
Eugene de Beauharnais
Bow Bells
English Garden
St. Cecilia
Belle de Crecy
Belle Isis
Long John Silver
Hybrid Perpetual:
Marchessa Boccella
Reine des Viollettes
Hybrid Tea:
Blue Girl
Just Joey
Dresden Doll
Peaches n Cream
plus a few unknown
Clotilde Soupert
Marie Pavie
The Fairy
Leontine Gervais
Gruss an Aachen
Darlow's Enigma
Similar to Harrison's Yellow
Vineyard Song
Plus I have a few shrubs and climbers that I do not know the identity.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 6WNY

My Birthday is April 6 .

My favorite forum 1 is Antique Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Growing Tomatoes.

First registered on March 16, 2001 .